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Bacon Bits

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Dear “valued customer”? The peril of knowing who they are and not doing anything about it.

You have in your hands the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

It’s amusing, in a frustrating sort of way. We voraciously guard our privacy by subscribing to VPNs, refusing to answer our smartphones unless the Caller ID tells us...

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A Year’s Supply of Bacon Bits


If storytelling is an art, marketing is the science that makes it resonate.

By our reckoning (not to mention it says so on the spreadsheet), we produced just shy of 50 posts for our Bacon Bits blog in 2017. We could have produced more – a...

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How to Hire an SEO Team and Increase Your Website's SuccessGuest Blog by JLB Florida


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People don’t care about your business, they care about their problems. What’s your content doing about that?


Your content shouldn’t ever attempt to directly sell. Try that and you’ll likely see your sales funnel empty out rather quickly.

Are you even listening to me? It’s the growing refrain from people searching online. For the most part, their...

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On Your Way Home: Why Local SEO Is One of the Most Important Marketing Strategies of 2018.


Artificial intelligence knows where you live and where you work (because you told it), so it also knows you want search returns relevant to where you are.

The train has left the station. Are you on board? Actually, it’s more like the rocket...

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Video: It’s No Longer an Expensive Marketing Luxury, And It’s No Longer an Option.


Nothing works better at helping place a brand into the customer’s worldview.

Video killed the radio star. The Buggles sang about that in the 1970s, in reference to television’s arrival in the 1950s to put an end to radio broadcasting’s...

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A Method Behind the Madness: Why There's More to Instagram Than the Pictures We Post


Social media has made quite the evolution since its origin in 1997, when Six Degrees first launched, allowing Internet users to create profiles and connect with people online who shared the same interests as them. Dating back to the prehistoric...

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The Meteoric Rise of User-Generated Content


We all want to be creators.

We can all learn a thing or two from Tom Sawyer. Mark Twain’s carefree character may have made his mark on the world long before the Internet and social media (the novel was published in 1876), but some things...

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Know Thy Audience: Tell Them What They Want to Know, Not What You Want Them to Hear


How much of it tells the story of the problem it solves?

Mindset. It’s one of those squishy words. We’re sure we know the meaning, but we hope that nobody ever asks us to define it. You can plow deep into the psychological aspects of what...

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