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Wendy Lieber

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Thought Leaders Are Made, Not Born. Here’s How to Become One.


Your favorite thought leader didn’t pull a Venus. There’s no such thing as an instant expert. It’s a cultivated stature.

Nobody’s been born at their full potential since the Roman goddess Venus pulled it off, emerging from the sea completely...

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Smartly Stupid: The Counterintuitive Reason Why We Don’t Catch Our Own Typos


Typos are, in some respects, back-handed compliments. They’re indications that your writing is the result of high-level thinking.

You crushed it. The article came out well. You proof it for typos, find none, and you post it. The first of the...

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To Blog or Not to Blog:  It’s No Longer a Question

Here’s why it pays to have a blog.

While the content horse rocketed out of the gates years ago, there are still skeptics who claim blogging is a waste of resources. At ContentBacon, we categorically reject all such blasphemous statements, and...

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What You Need to Know About Drip Email Campaigns

Drip marketing demystified.

Drip marketing, a.k.a. lifecycle emails, autoresponders, marketing automation, automated email campaigns: regardless of the name, the results are the same. Instead of one email, the message you want to communicate is...

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6 Best Practices to Light Up Your Landing Page Conversion Rates


It’s all about psychology: Tell a story step-by-step journey that gets prospects to conversion with no diversion.

We hereby grant you permission to roll your eyes at anyone who says that increasing landing page conversion rates is difficult and...

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Surprising Blog Statistics That Can Help You Increase Readership

Blogging is what you make of it, and your website visitors think it’s a big deal.

A constant flow of new and relevant information is what brings people back to websites. Few efforts accomplish this as well as a blog, where prospects learn more...

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Upselling Is Only Sleazy if You Make It That Way

Wash your hands and start using it to make your customers happy.

Cue the eye-roll. You’ve clicked on the button to purchase a product or service. It’s never that easy. First, they’re going to try to upsell you. As long as you’ve got our...

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You Can Be WebMD Too: Creating Content People Are Searching For


Why do people go to WebMD when they’re looking for health-related information? Based on its reputation, people know they can trust the information they find there. They can have high confidence that they’ve accessed trustworthy information.


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It’s the Story that Sells: Not the Facts

Why Storytelling is Selling

Remember that FedEx commercial where Tom Hanks is stranded on a tropical island and he still delivers the package? If you do, chances are you not only paid to watch it, you sat through 183 minutes of it! That’s how...

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