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Wendy Lieber

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Growing Grumbles: Why You Should Encourage Customers to Complain

Emotion = Engagement

Your product or service is not perfect. Thank goodness. Aside from the fact that you would have nothing to challenge you to improve, you also might discover that people have no reason to create a relationship with you....

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The 5 Most Effective Words You Should Put in Your Next Email

These words make people act, which is a good thing because they really don’t want to have to read your email and think about it.

Want to push engagement to the next level with your email messaging? Your secret weapon could be in the words you...

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HTML: Is It Worth It?

Are text emails winning the battle for clicks and opens?

In email marketing there’s one thing that matters above all else: did they read it? Email marketing is an excellent way to get your message out – that’s old news – today we’re on to...

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What’s the future of SEO? Just Ask.

Voice search is on the rise, which means the rules of SEO are changing.

Two things are a fairly safe bet for futurologists: self-driving automobiles, and vocally interactive devices. There’s very little doubt that within the next 20 years we’ll...

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Put those blinders on: Why landing pages work.

You need to know what converts before you can determine what sells.

You’ve gone through all the trouble and effort of cultivating a killer mailing list. You’ve spent hours (okay, maybe even days!) laboring over the perfect subject line and honing...

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Want to be a Thought Leader? It’s All About Perspective, Not Product.

You’ll talk about many things, but your brand won’t be one of them. 

We’ve already learned from this ContentBacon post that establishing yourself as a thought leader is a matter of successfully sharing your expertise. Thought leaders freely share...

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The More You Know: Upselling is Just Another Word for Educating

People give themselves permission to purchase through the process of education.

Pay no attention to the person who gave you a nasty look when you said, “upsell.” They’ve had a bad experience. Maybe someday they’ll find help.

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Back for More: What’s Currently Working Best in Retention Strategy?

Model it after a successful marriage.

Want the TLDNR version of this post? Just one word. CONTENT.

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Why You Should Use LinkedIn Published Articles (And How to Do It Right)

It’s a social network of half a billion professionals.

It’s the Facebook of professional networking. LinkedIn registers about 2 new members each second, and 128 million of the network’s half a billion members are in the United States. So,...

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