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Wendy Lieber

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Valuable Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneur” isn’t a title. It’s what makes you get out of bed in the morning

My name is Wendy Lieber, and I am an entrepreneur. That last word’s not a job title. It’s what I am, not what I do.

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How Search Phrases Tell You Where People are in Their Buyer’s Journey

The search signals that tell you how close someone is to taking action

“Finding and hiring IT staff”

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Thought Leadership and Why it Matters

A lot of content features the “what” and the “how” of the product or service. Features and benefits. That content is important, but it is not a prospect’s priority.

“Trust me. I’m an expert.” It’s what establishing subject matter expertise is...

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The Most Effective Way to Successfully Market Your SaaS platform


Content marketing has much in common with the philosophy of SaaS. It’s an ongoing process that incrementally increases value and satisfaction.

Not long from now, it’ll be difficult to explain to people that, once upon a time, consumers...

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Know Your Buyer Persona: Is the Content You’re Delivering Reaching the Right Audience?

You have to understand their problem and why they have it. You must convince them you know all about their problem and explain why you know so much about it. How can you begin to accomplish this – with content no less – if you don’t make the...

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Think Like a CEO: How to Talk Tech to Executives

The further away from the IT department you get, the more difficult it is to find people who know and understand what needs to take place so that technology is the pathway to innovation, rather than its obstacle.

The IT people down in the...

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Kick Your Startups’ Content Marketing up a Notch with These Kickass Tips


Content is nothing more than blah blah blah unless you know why you’re creating it, who it’s for, and precisely what you plan to achieve from it.

As if you don’t already have enough to do. There’s tweaking the deck to add the latest traction...

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The Quick and Dirty on GDPR for Small US-Based Companies

EU members now have the “right to be forgotten” and the “right to correct,” but what does that actually mean for YOU?

You’ve probably got an email from every business you’ve ever worked with saying that they’ve updated their privacy policy in...

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How Video Can Drive Awareness for Your Healthcare Business

Healthcare business needs to be approachable. Your prospects and existing clients need ways to learn more about you. They prefer to do that by consuming video.

How are you connecting with the people you would like to be your new customers? How...

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