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Wendy Lieber

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There’s a Place for High Production Values, and Maybe It’s Not in Your Upcoming Video Campaign

Video content production may actually be less expensive than producing and ranking text-based content.

There’s nothing wrong with channeling your inner Ridley Scott for video marketing. We’d all go for high production values if budget...

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Well, Maybe … if You’ve Got Nothing Better to Do: Are Your Sales Pages Failing because Your CTA Is Nothing but a Big “Meh?”

All your marketing needs to be awesome – but your CTA must be more compelling, persuasive, and creative than everything else. It’s your launch button.

This is not a warning; it’s a certainty. Your online marketing campaign will not be successful...

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Should You have a Personal or a Business Instagram Account?

There are really just two major things that you should be aware of as you decide on a personal versus a business Instagram account.

Social Media Mirror on the Wall: What should we reflect when we use Instagram – a personal profile? Or should it...

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Keyword Envy? Here’s Why Smart Marketers Don’t Lose Sleep at Night.

Casting a wider net only gets you a larger number of marginally interested prospects.

Holy smokes, that’s expensive! Bidding on keywords – especially the super-popular ones – is not for the weak at heart. No need to spend time here diving into...

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Why Local SEO Is like the Farm to Table Movement. What Marketers Should Know About Both.

It’s the only way to steer the story about your products and services.

The chef stops by your table while you’re dining. He names the specific farm where your vegetables were grown and tells you the name of the orchard where he got the fruit for...

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Blogging Is Not a Marketing Strategy, but Your Marketing Won’t Succeed Without It


You’re playing a one-note samba that’s unlikely to get anybody to dance to your groove if your marketing strategy consists only of blogging.

“Where are all the customers? Isn’t this why we went with the blogging thing?”

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Dear “valued customer”? The peril of knowing who they are and not doing anything about it.

You have in your hands the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

It’s amusing, in a frustrating sort of way. We voraciously guard our privacy by subscribing to VPNs, refusing to answer our smartphones unless the Caller ID tells us...

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A Year’s Supply of Bacon Bits


If storytelling is an art, marketing is the science that makes it resonate.

By our reckoning (not to mention it says so on the spreadsheet), we produced just shy of 50 posts for our Bacon Bits blog in 2017. We could have produced more – a...

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People don’t care about your business, they care about their problems. What’s your content doing about that?


Your content shouldn’t ever attempt to directly sell. Try that and you’ll likely see your sales funnel empty out rather quickly.

Are you even listening to me? It’s the growing refrain from people searching online. For the most part, their...

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