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The Quick and Dirty on GDPR for Small US-Based Companies

EU members now have the “right to be forgotten” and the “right to correct,” but what does that actually mean for YOU?

You’ve probably got an email from every business you’ve ever worked with saying that they’ve updated their privacy policy in...

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How Video Can Drive Awareness for Your Healthcare Business

Healthcare business needs to be approachable. Your prospects and existing clients need ways to learn more about you. They prefer to do that by consuming video.

How are you connecting with the people you would like to be your new customers? How...

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Look Alive! If Your Business Isn't Doing These Things Online, You May as Well Be Dead

You may think no one’s paying attention to your blog or social media, but this story proves otherwise

People are visiting your website. Right now, even as you read this. And what do they see? A couple blog posts from 2016. That doesn’t look...

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In This Digital Era, Your Website Needs to Be Responsive

Websites that aren’t optimized for access by mobile devices – which is known as being “responsive” – look and act awful on our mobile screens.

Mobile has won the game. Mobile devices are used to consume more content than desktops and laptops....

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Don't Fall behind, Why Your Health Practice Should Go Inbound

Even if it wasn’t for regulations like HIPAA, trust is the key element that creates relationships in the healthcare industry. Creating a steady flow of information that positions you as an authority cements that trust.

People want and demand a...

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Why You Need a Blog for Your Healthcare Practice

Blogging is content marketing. Content marketing is the stuff that fuels your inbound marketing strategy. Establishing yourself as someone who educates about symptoms makes you a thought leader, and thought leaders find themselves at the top of...

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Don’t Let Your Healthcare Practice Get Left Behind: Why Social Media Is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Your product is healthcare. It’s consumed and administered by humans.

Are you still using the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) as a reason to stay away from social media? Do you refrain from using this powerful...

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How’s Your Web-Side Manner?

Make client acquisition a process of discovery, where your new customers feel like they’ve discovered a needle in the haystack. You’ll accomplish this with original and useful content.

How does your health-centered business find new clients...

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What Type of Online Content Has People Coming Back for More?

 It’s the message, just as much as it's the medium.

There’s no argument that video tops all other types of online content, regarding popularity. You could stop reading here and scamper off to start working on a strategy to migrate all your...

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