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Bacon Bits

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Marketing is a topic your business should be talking about, planning for, and most importantly taking actions around every day. It is the fastest, most powerful way to build your brand and grow your business by connecting with your customers and...

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Herding Cats


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I was at a trade show all week for a company I work with Aquabilt up in Orlando.  Trade shows suck.  They are a lot of work, hauling things around, standing around, eating crappy food, no sleep.  I also had to demo the product which is an underwater...

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Losing to Win

I had what upon first glance might seem like a shitty Friday.  I had two clients decide they didn't want to move forward with the marketing plans we had created.  Or more simply stated - I lost two accounts.  My first reaction is crap - what did we...

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Buying into bullshit

There's a lot of information out there in the world.  All one has to do is search online for almost any term and you will find your way to tons of reference materials - websites, white papers, blogs, etc. - that will give you the answers.  And hey,...

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An Alarming Wake Up Call

I woke up this morning worrying.  Or should I say worrying woke me up.  Worrying about all the things I need to accomplish today and hoping my mind would cooperate and provide me with some creativity and brilliance that I know is hiding in there...

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So much to learn

One of the most amazing things about being a business owner is how much you can learn in a day from your clients. I started the day in one of the most exciting conversations I have had in a while with an incredible visionary who sees things possible...

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